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Gagenau Vario 400 Series 15" Modular Induction Cooktop-VI414610

SKU# VI414610

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Quick Overview

Gagenau Vario 400 Series 15" Modular Induction Cooktop with 3600W cooking zone perfect for woks and booster function



The VI 414 induction wok is ideal in connection with the wok ring for the original wok with round bottom - and the perfect appliance for lovers of Asian cuisine. Automatic pot detection also includes classic cookware up to 15 inches in diameter. The booster function can temporarily increase the power by about 50 percent, allowing not only intensive searing but also especially rapid heating of large quantities of liquid.

Additional Features

  • Induction is a heat transmission technology that makes optimum use of energy.
  • Its most important attribute is the precise and above all fast-reacting supply of power through the electromagnetic field - with short quick boiling times, almost as in the case of a gas cooktop.
  • Unused heat is no longer lost because the induction method sees to it that only the bottom of the pan is heated, not the cooktop.
  • Also, the cooktop itself heats up slightly and spilled foods can no longer burn onto it.
  • The induction method detects the size of the pan bottom and heats only the bottom, regardless of its diameter.
  • You will recognize pots and pans suitable for induction heating either by their special marking or if a magnet sticks to the bottom.
  • Temperature control lets you cook at a precisely defined temperature (water temperature between 113°F and 203°F) or steaming at 212°F.
  • Many delicate dishes, such as fish, are kept from crumbling by using a constant temperature below the boiling point.
  • It is also possible to defrost, warm up, or keep dishes warm over an extended period without any drying out or loss of flavor.


Element TypeInduction
Fuel TypeElectric
No. of Elements/Burner Cooking Zones1
Overall ColorBlack
Warranty1 Year Parts and Labor. See store for full details.
Burner/Element Configuration(1) 7" 2600 W; (1) 11" 3600 W
Control Panel ColorBlack
Height3.13 in.
Min to Front Edge of Counter2.5 in.
Width15 in.
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